Rgenix is a privately-held clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing first-in-class drugs that target key pathways in cancer progression.

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RGX-019 is an investigational drug candidate. Rgenix is developing RGX-019, a monoclonal antibody that targets MerTK, for the treatment of solid tumors.  Rgenix in-licensed RGX-019 and other antibody intellectual property from Rockefeller University as part of a world-wide exclusive licensing agreement.

Rgenix identified MerTK as a novel cancer target in triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) in collaboration with the Rockefeller University by using the company’s proprietary target discovery platform.1  MerTK is a receptor tyrosine kinase of the TAM family and is over-expressed in several human cancers.2  The MerTK pathway drives cancer progression, tumor angiogenesis, and innate immune activation2,3  Targeting MerTK affects tumor associated macrophage polarization in part by changing them from a pro-tumorigenic M2 state to an anti-tumorigenic M1 state.  Rgenix plans to initiate IND-enabling studies of RGX-019 in 2019.



RGX-104 is a novel oral small molecule immunotherapy in development for the treatment of solid tumors, including drug-resistant malignancies.



RGX-202 is an oral small molecule cancer metabolism inhibitor in development for the treatment of gastrointestinal cancer.

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