Rgenix is a privately-held clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing first-in-class drugs that target key pathways in cancer progression.

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Our Technology

Inspirna's (formerly Rgenix) Discovery Platform can identify novel RNA-regulated drug targets in virtually any cancer type

These novel targets are unique because of the way they become activated in cancer. Unlike the majority of known targets that become activated from genetic alterations in tumor DNA, our approach reveals novel targets that are altered at the RNA level. These RNA-regulated pathways often mediate signaling between cancer cells and other cells in the tumor microenvironment, including immune cells.

Novel target discovery drives Inspirna's (formerly Rgenix) oncology pipeline

Our discovery platform—originally developed at The Rockefeller University and exclusively licensed to Rgenix—systemically reveals RNA-regulated targets in human cancers using a proprietary experimental screening approach. This provides novel therapeutic approaches for cancers of high unmet need, including drug-resistant cancers.

Inspirna (formerly Rgenix) Discovery Platform